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Double Edge Safety Razor Set
Double Edge Safety Razor Set

List Price: $150.00
Our Price: $125.00
Savings: $25.00

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This Premium Shaving Equipment is made out of our Home in Loxahatchee, Florida. We use the highest quality materials, all of the handles are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and are Powder Coated for maximum durability. This shaving set will come with four different types of blades for the recipient to try and find their favorite. Message us at HomeStyleBathandBody@gmail.com to talk about color options and we can create a set just for you or that special someone within 2-5 days typically.

Q: What makes safety razors better than cartridge razors?
A: Safety razors are highly optimized for sensitive skin and a great shave, there are many different manufacturers of replacement blades and handle assemblies that offer different shaving experiences. Cartridge razors have multiple levels of blades the pull the hairs to get a closer shave, this greatly increases irritation.

Q: What makes this an Ultra Premium Set?
A: We have spent countless hours researching and trying many different designs until we came up with what we believe is the ultimate handle assembly design that offers the smoothest, most comfortable shave. Everything from the Brush, to the Razor Handle Assembly has been carefully thought out and thoroughly tested. Plus we make the set by hand ourselves, you will not find this exact set anywhere else

Q: What Blades do I use?
A: There are many to choose from, each one is different so there is some trial and error involved. A good place to start is with Gillette, Shark, Feather, and Astra which are available on our website. My personal favorite thus far is Feather, it is the sharpest blade on the market and is great for my thick and fast growing beard on very sensitive skin.

Q: How much does replacement blades cost?
A: This all depends, most blades range from 10cents each to 75cents each. Also different blades last different lengths of time. I get about 2 shaves per Feather Blade where the Gillette Silver Blue I can get about 6 Shaves

Q: What do I use for Shaving Cream?
A: Actually, you do not need shaving cream as they are packed with unhealthy chemicals and cheap ingredients. The best thing to use is our Extreme Lather Soaps, they are natural, packed with great ingredients, produce an incredible lather especially with our shaving brush, and have great lubricity, allowing only the best shaving experience.

Q: Why a Synthetic Brush?
A: We like to keep things animal friendly, also the overwhelming source of real badger hair comes from China. Our Ultra Premium European Faux Silvertip Badger Brush has very soft fibers with good backbone which provide an amazing lather, and a good scrub for loosening ingrown hairs. Plus the Synthetic Brush does not deteriorate allowing them to last much longer. We set the brushes into our 6061 T6 Aluminum Handles providing good weight and great balance.

Curious on how its made here is a little sneak peek at the video of the machine process. Enjoy!

Machining handles for you!

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