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The Beginnings

HomeStyle Bath and Body started when Laura created melt-and-pour glycerin mold soaps for an animal benefit. These soaps were so popular that she and Everett decided to turn soap-making into a home-based business. But they weren’t entirely satisfied with their first offerings. Even though their customers loved the soaps, Laura and Everett wanted to be able to offer something better.

So Laura began experimenting. They wanted to make a soap better than anything you could buy at the supermarket, and their standards were pretty high:

  • Silky Smooth Feel
  • Super Sudsy Lather
  • Highest Quality Ingredients

It took them 2 ½ years, but when they finally did it, the soaps were an overwhelming success. Family and friends raved about them and word spread. Soon there was a huge demand-- bigger than anything they had anticipated!

And so they became HomeStyle Bath and Body.

An Expanding Product Line

The momentum didn’t stop there. What started as a little business making soaps turned into a bigger business offering a full line of skin and home products when Laura and Everett’s first child, Alexia was born. 

It was at this time that Laura developed eczema so severe that she would break out in blisters just washing her hands with anything but their soaps. She tried a variety of treatments and her doctor prescribed steroid creams, but nothing helped. Ever the problem-solver, Laura decided to find a solution herself. After months of testing, she found a blend of essential oils that healed her eczema flare-ups faster than anything else she had ever tried. 

This began an entire line of soaps and lotions specially formulated for sensitive skin that they called Renew and Refresh.

The family grew, and so did their needs. Commercial laundry detergents irritated Laura and the kids, so they created their own (it’s even great for cloth diapers!). Laura didn’t want her or the kids putting petroleum (a byproduct of gasoline, yuck!) on their lips, so they made natural Kissable Lip Balm. Laura’s niece had dry, goose-bumpy skin, so Laura made Whipped Body Butter.

The list of products grew with their customer-base (because customers offer the best ideas!), and HomeStyle Bath and Body became such a popular vendor at festivals that they decided to open their online shop.

The HomeStyle Promise

And now here they are-- Laura, Everett, Alexia, Ellie, Ryan, and Matthew-- happy their products are helping your family as much as they have their own. Because even though they created these products for their family, you’re the reasons why they continue to grow and offer the most addictive skincare products.

For you, their extended family, HSBB promises to continue to research and develop new, natural, and healthy products made with only the highest quality ingredients. 

Because family deserves the best.